The manuscript of Prajnâpârâmita-Suna
by Elviro Mirko

Perhaps clipeology researchers will be interested in this little "discovery" and will be able to explain us what it is.

This is a page of "Prajnâpârâmita - Suna", the oldest manuscript known to us. The goddess from which it takes the name sits on the center, in the position of the lotus. In the lower right corner there are, between the characters, two strange objects very similar to modern UFOs. Let's see an enlargement of the region:

As you can see, these objects have the typical discoidal form, with a dome at the center; in one of them there are two shapes similar to "port holes". The objects could be the hats of the two persons, but why they're drawn in mid-air? If you have a suggestion or an explanation, contact us! (

This image is taken from the book "Viaggiatori del tempo" (Time travellers) by Peter Kolosimo.

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