Mars: the mystery goes on
by Mirko Elviro

It's really true...there's something strange up there! Discussions about the authenticity of the face and the pyramids of Mars (frames 35A72 & 70A13 of Viking) aren't still placated when, examining some photos of public domain taken form a Viking probe in 1976, we found "something" in the inside of a crater of the Red Planet. The image (we don't actually know its classification number) was a negative one, as many others, and then at first glance one couldn't see almost anything; but with a more attentive investigation, and after a computer elaboration of the image, it appears a strange triangular-shaped "structure" (unlikey of a natural origin) in a crater, accompanied by a smaller triangular shape on its left, as highlighted by the underlying images.

Zoom on the crater and on the structure in the inside

Zoom on the crater
 Another  zoom on the crater

Computer-elaborated photo of the object

It isn't possible to establish what it is, it's anyhow strange that until now nobody noted this object. If you have possible explanations or opinions about the nature of this "thing", or also if you know the number of the photo or the name of the region shooted, please send us an e-mail (

Click here to see the complete image (149 Kb)

This is another interesting enlargement obtained from another photo of the martian ground:


Ths structure is noticeably resembling a bridge, but it isn't possible to assert it with certainty. Anyhow it's strange that it lies in the most narrow point of the canyon...

And what about these strange "lines" passing through rocks in a straight direction?

Water on Mars? Look at these icecliffs! (photo taken by Viking):

Finally we present you some images (already known) of  rather unusual structures photographed on Mars, from which you can  draw your own conclusions:

 Panorama of the Cydonia region, on Mars
(click here to see the complete image, 171Kb)

A strange conformation of the ground on Mars (frame 4212-15 from
NASA) labeled as INKA-CITY, located near the South Pole
(click here to see the complete image, 47Kb)

Roads on Mars? It is difficult to think at ancient rivers which
descended in a canyon and then climbed up at the
other side (frame VM 2M 2572 CM USGS)

A very large zoom on the strange
triangular object in a crater of Mars

Comparison btween the old image of the Cydonya face and
a most recent one, opportunely modified

Mysterious spots on Mars,
which appear in summer and disappear in winter

A...forest on Mars

Strange "pipes"
on martian ground (m0400291)

"Cellular" structures on Mars
identical to which one can observe
with a microscope

More anomalous Mars images:

"What is so unique about Cydonia? Geologically it is a mixture of fractured, desert plains containing numerous  mesas (flat-topped eroded prominences) with varied craters typical of natural landforms throughout the solar system. But at latitude 41 degrees North, longitude 9 West lie a collection of features which some observers believe are anything but natural. Research conducted by a small group of scientists in America since 1979 has suggested a most exciting possibility - the remains of artificially designed structures."(AA&ES)

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